Fresh Takes empowers youth from diverse San Mateo County communities to express themselves through Media Arts Production with an emphasis on self awareness, media literacy, civic engagement, community involvement, social change, and artistic excellence.

Our youth programming is dedicated to offering youth diverse opportunities to express themselves, expand their creativity and develop their leadership skills while learning the art of delivering powerful stories with messages that matter to them and their communities.  We integrate many alternative learning methods into our youth program curriculum. Including teaching to multiple and emotional intelligences, strength based-discipline, inter-generational learning and more.

All Fresh Takes Learning Experiences Incorporate Critical 21st Century Skills

  • Making complex choices and decisions
  • Understanding the interconnections among systems
  • Identifying and asking significant questions that clarify various points of view and lead to better solutions
  • Literacy skills—Students can create written content about the story they want to tell.
  • Visual arts skills—Students exercise visual arts and fine motor skills through framing and storyboarding.
  • Technology skills—Students use a video camera, a computer, and professional software to create their movie.
  • Critical thinking skills—Students respond to one another’s films.
  • Collaboration skills—Students work in small groups and negotiate roles and project details.