There are many opportunities for volunteers to get involved in the Filmfest.   As the festival gets closer we will post other volunteer positions.   If you are interested in getting involved please email or  We look forward to hearing from you!

Filmfest Marketing Coordinator

Goals & Objectives

  • Create buzz around the film fest
  • Sell tickets for the film fest
  • Gain more entries for the film fest

Job Description:

This campaign aims to create a buzz around the Fresh Takes National Youth Filmfest. To do this, we spread awareness through a peer-to-peer network. The Fresh Takes Interns are the leaders of this project, and will recruit representatives in each school, whose job is to spread awareness and gain entries. Each representative is responsible for the following:

  • Post on Social Media once a week about the Film Fest
  • If possible recruit a team to particpate in the 48 hour Film Challenge
  • Support & Advertise for the 48 Hour Film Challenge
  • Recruit at least 2 other representatives
  • Increase the amount of tickets sold pre-sale 
  • OPTIONAL: If the representatives sells at least 5 tickets, and sells the most tickets among all representatives, he or she will receive a tbd prize.

By establishing a presence in many local high schools, we will iconize the Fresh Takes National Youth Film Fest. The network we create will reach more and more people thus raising awareness of the event, and therefore increasing attendance.  The search for representatives starts now!

If you are interested in becoming a Fresh Takes Filmfest intern and representative, please follow this link and fill out the application. APPLICATION LINK or contact

Once you have identified another representative, ask them to fill out the application as well. After they have filled out the application, review their responses on the Google form spreadsheet, and notify them of their acceptance. The next step is to meet/greet them into the organization, assign them tasks, and ask for input on other recruiting ideas, as well as advertising projects that you could work on with him/her. Remember, the goal at the end of this is to maximize publicity and particiaption of and for the Fresh Takes National Youth Filmfest. Identify as many representatives as possible, and manage them to complete their duties. Try to extend this network by pushing them to find as many representatives as they can.

This is a un-paid internship, however each intern receives the following for their participation in the campaign.

  • Title of Fresh Takes Marketing Intern
  • Free Film Fest Pass

Each representative is also provided with a press pack. This press pack aids them in spreading awareness about the film fest. Each intern accepted into the position will receive an email with links to these online resources.

Target Market

The ideal representative is someone who demonstrates an interest in media arts and a willingness to spread the word about the filmfest and this campaign. These people are students in local high schools and colleges, preferably Art Magnet schools. Try to pick people that are trustworthy and you know will complete the tasks and requirements. Concentrate on those within the Bay Area vicinity, to ensure that the film festival is attended by people who live nearby it’s location.

Compensation/ Location:
This is an unpaid internship with potential for pay once certain tasks are achieved. Course credit for students may be available. Interns also have full access to all Fresh Takes resources during the time of their internship. Interns will work remotely from home and school along with weekly skype meetings.

Film Festival Co-Coordinator

Job Description:

The Film Festival Co-Coordinator will work with the Fresh Takes staff on various program, administrative and production tasks for the 1st annual Fresh Takes Youth Film Festival scheduled to take place in October of 2013 (dates tbd).  Duties comprise of overseeing the timely delivery of promotional materials and implementing a marketing strategy; working with various team members to create, update and maintain Festival production flowcharts; managing editorial and production of the Festival Program, Website, and Calendar.

The Coordinator will also assist with composing content for printed and online Festival editorial and promotional materials; and is expected to be a part of the Festival’s core organizing team.  They will play a significant role in shaping and presenting the 1st annual Fresh Takes Youth Film Festival.  The Festival Program Co-Coordinator will report to the Executive/Festival Director of Fresh Takes.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Minimum 10 hours a week Jan – July, minimum 20 hours/week August – October
  • Work with Festival Director to create categories for film entries and over-arching theme for the festival
  • Research and develop networks for reaching out to young filmmakers, their teachers, mentors and community organizations
  • Assist in the design and implementation of an Expo that happens alongside the festival featuring diverse vendors who represent different aspects of the filmmaking, the media arts production industry and technology.
  • Reach out and solicit vendors from Educational Institutions, Technology Companies, Post production facilities and so on.
  • Work with the Festival Director to:

a) coordinate inflow of press and promotional materials of invited Festival artists, scheduling, and confirmation of guests

b) devise Festival Week production flowchart encompassing screening times, hosting assignments, volunteer and personnel assignments, equipment delivery/pick-up, etc., in coordination with the Festival Volunteer and Technical Coordinators

c) assist with assembling and updating Festival production workbook containing flowcharts and schedules

  • Work with the Festival Director to coordinate all components of Festival calendar and catalog production, including managing content (copy and artwork), participate in editing & proofing process, assist in production and prepress stages
  • Assist in composing stories and capsule synopses for print and online delivery to potential festival audiences
  • Develop effective marketing strategies for building festival attendance
  • Help solicit festival sponsors and maintain ongoing sustainable relationships with them.
  • Develop sponsorship tiers and all outreach material
  • Coordinate administration of Film Festival audience awards
  • Potentially introduce select screenings and moderate Q&A discussions
  • Complete post-Festival activities: evaluation, manual, and appreciation letters.
  • Other related duties and activities, to be determined in collaboration with the Festival Executive Producer

Job Qualifications:

  • Possess a valid California driver’s license and automobile insurance
  • Knowledge of (and interest in) youth cinema a must
  • Excellent technical and analytical written and verbal communication skills
  • Attention to detail; strong organizational abilities
  • Ability to work both collaboratively and independently and multi-task under deadline
  • Background in Event Planning & Management preferred but not required
  • Proficiency in Macintosh-based graphics programs preferred: Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Excel
  • Proficiency with (or a willingness to learn) iMovie and/or Final Cut Pro for Macintosh is desired
  • Ability to work with (and learn from) diverse ethnic communities and individual personalities
Compensation/ Location:
This is an unpaid internship with potential for pay once certain tasks are achieved. Course credit for students may be available. Interns also have full access to all Fresh Takes resources during the time of their internship.  Interns will work out of Fresh Takes Media Arts Center, located at 2221 Broadway, Redwood City CA 94063