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Filmfest 2014 Dates Scheduled

Lights, Camera, Action…GO!  You’ve got 5 months to make that movie magic happen. We will start accepting submissions for the 2nd annual Fresh Takes National Youth Filmfest in April, so get your crew and go to work.  We can’t wait to see what’s next.  Mark your calendars for the next fest, Oct.25th & 26th, 2014.

Mark your Calendars! The Caltrain, Operation Lifesaver & Reel Eyes Filmfest is happening!

This summer Caltrain & Operation Lifesaver commissioned the Fresh Takes Reel Eyes Production Unit to create  Public Service Announcements in lieu and celebration of Septembers Railroad Safety Month.  The Reel Eyes crew consists of 10 amazing teens who stepped up in an amazing way.  The crew spent a full week this summer immersing themselves in the Pre-Production and Production phases.  Each participant wrote and directed their own PSA from unique points of view.   The crew shot in four different location over four days.  We are very excited to premiere their final films here in Redwood City.   You are invited!  Come support young filmmakers engaging in their communities to improve quality of life and raise awareness on important issues.

Event Details

When: September 26th, 2013 | 3-4 Arrival & Reception | 4-5 Screening with Filmmaker Q & A

Where: Redwood City Cinemark, 825 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City, CA 94063

Cost: FREE!!!

This event is sponsored by:  Caltrain & Operation Lifesaver


Facebook Community Grant funds new Fresh Takes program GEM!

Fresh Takes & the East Palo Alto non-profit organization Girls to Women are pleased to announce that we were chosen for a Facebook Community Fund grant.  The grant supports the launch of a new collaborative program called GEM, Girls Engaged In Making Media.  We at Fresh Takes are so pleased to partner with such an amazing organization like G2W.  You can find out more about them by visiting their website.  GEM is scheduled to start in September of 2013.

Due to the enormously influential role of the media in girls’ lives, The Fresh Takes, Girls to Women program GEM operates from the belief that it is critical for young women to develop the skills to evaluate the media they are exposed to and then to empower them to produce their own media.

GEM lasts 12 weeks and includes one weekly workshop and two Saturday intensives.   The workshops take place on site at Girls to Woman in East Palo Alto with two field trips to the Fresh Takes Media Center in Redwood City.  Through inter-disciplinary experiential learning activities, graphic design, online publication, and video production, workshop participants create powerful PSA (public service announcement) videos and Internet memes that deal with issues of identity, beauty, self esteem, confidence and youth empowerment.

Program Goals

  • Media Literacy – Learning to read and de-code media messaging in context to body image and self-esteem.  
  • Empowering young woman with the confidence and knowledge needed to successfully navigate through the media’s skewed representation of beauty and the role woman play in society at large. 
  • Creating & delivering positive messages through social media outlets that counter act the negative trends such as online ‘beauty pageants’, ‘rating systems & competitions’, as well as cyber-bullying.  
  • Gaining awareness and taking action on topics of diversity, ethnic representation and the lack thereof as well as the perpetuation of racial stereotypes through mass media.
  •  Teach under-served youth critical 21st century & job applicable skills, the 3 stages of video production, and the foundations of Photoshop. 


  • Production of two Public Services Announcements
  • Creation of individual internet Memes
  • Creation of a successful print and video campaign for use on social media
  • Teenage girls will learn job applicable skills in camera operation, lighting & audio production, media literacy, digital editing, and encoding media for web-based broadcasting.

Fresh Takes is selected as a TUGG Grant Recipient

In mid-February, Fresh Takes received a promising email from David Brown, the Executive Director at a non-profit based out of Boston, Technology Underwriting Greater Good (TUGG).  TUGG specializes in funding socially innovated organizations that use technology to support the entrepreneurship, education and life experiences of young people.  They have supported organizations for 5 years now in New England and this is their first year expanding to the Bay Area.

Fresh Takes was recommended to David as a worthy organization to fund.  One of the things that really sets TUGG apart from other grantors and funding sources is they get right to the heart of the matter.  They do not require an application or any paperwork.  In fact the whole process lasted no more than one hour.  We exchanged emails and set up a phone interview.  David spoke with the Fresh Takes staff for a half hour, researched the organization and then took his findings to the TUGG Grant Committee.  Out of 30 organization interviewed by TUGG, Fresh Takes was selected as one of their first Bay Area Grant Recipients!

We are thrilled to join the ranks of TUGG supported organizations and look forward to the Awards Ceremony & Gala in SF on May 23rd.  Stay tuned for more info on the event.  Special thanks to those who recommended our organization and to TUGG for believing in our vision and the work we do!

Click for more information on TUGG

Fresh Takes makes the news!

Read about Fresh Takes in this 3/3/12 edition of the San Mateo Daily Journal!