Media Lab

Starting in September, 2013, Fresh Takes will offer scheduled drop in hours for home school students who are in need of the resources we have to offer  to create and complete projects, as long as the project is related to an academic or artistic goal.  Media Lab is designed as an open house where students are invited to use the computers, cameras, recording studio, green screen and so on.  Perhaps a student wants to create a video for the science course they are taking, the Fresh Takes Media Lab will give this student access to the equipment and software they need.  All students who participate in Media Lab are asked to go through a short training so that they are proficient with the equipment.  Media Lab also serves as a place students can come to meet other young people who share similar interests.  It is our hope the Fresh Takes Media Lab becomes a thriving and vibrant community as well as a valuable resource.  Adult volunteers and advanced student interns will be available as often as possible to help the youth with their projects.

Starting Date: Jan. 28th, Tuesdays, 11-1:30pm 
Cost: $150 per semester
Semester Two: Jan – April 2014 / Three: May – August 2014
Contact for more information

Movie Making 101

Make Movies! Learn how to work state of the art cameras. Express yourself through make up, costumes, set design, lights and more. Join us as we explore the three stages of video production.

Dates: Feb 6th – April 10th, 2014 Thursdays, 10am – 12pm | Ages 11-19 
Cost: $325 (younger participants are welcome upon meeting the instructor prior to enrollment)
Scholarships are available and no student is turned away for lack of funds. Contact for more information

Media that Matters

This program starts off by asking the basic questions; What is media, who makes it, how does it affect me, my community, and the greater society? We then dive into a series of exercises that teach critical thinking and media literacy. Students learn the difference between active and passive media consumption as well as how to decode and read the many messages we are inundated with on a daily basis through mass media.  Students build a strong foundation of knowledge in media awareness and theory.  In addition they are taught the technical skills it takes to produce their own media. The large group is asked to work as a team to come up with quarterly newsreels that reflect their communities and their own interests, events, and news.  Students are asked to make media that educates, inspires and engages them on a civic level.  Throughout it all students learn critical 21st century skills including:

  • Making complex choices and decisions
  • Understanding the interconnections among systems
  • Identifying and asking significant questions that clarify various points of view and lead to better solutions
  • Framing, analyzing and synthesizing information in order to solve problems and answer questions
Feb 3rd – April 21st, Mondays 11am-1pm | Ages 13-19 | $325 
Scholarships are available and no student is turned away for lack of funds. Contact for more information