Fresh Takes offers a wide variety of classes and workshops at an affordable price year round. Our education program is for students of all ages looking to learn at their own pace. Whether you are a novice wanting to get started in the industry or a seasoned filmmaker with goals to enhance your skills to a more advanced level our class schedule covers a full spectrum of subjects in digital media, film-making, and audio production.

List of Courses:

Introduction to Final Cut Pro
 Introduction to Final Cut Pro:  This class is an introduction to the interface and tools of Final Cut Pro 7. This hands-on workshop will cover non-linear editing concepts, previous editing experience is not required. Complete description and registration.
Advanced Editing with Final Cut Pro 7
Advanced Editing with Final Cut Pro 7:  This class is for existing Final Cut Pro 7 users who would like to take their skills to the next level with advanced features and workflows. Students will learn advanced editing, compositing and finishing techniques.  Complete description and registration.
Color Correction
Color Correction with Final Cut Pro:Every video needs color correction.  This two day immersion course covers basic and advanced colore correction techniques. Students first learn correction fundamentals in Final Cut 7 than dive into Color, Apple’s professional color correction software.  Whether you’re looking to deliver professionally color corrected films for broadcast or just add some style to your web movies, this is an essential class. Complete description and registration.
Intro to Photoshop
Intro to Photoshop: If there is one piece of software that is as essential as a high-school diploma, it’s Photoshop. Photoshop offers users a gateway to image enhancement, manipulation and design and you are only limited by your creative powers. But before you get too far ahead of yourself, you need to know the basics and this Intro to Photoshop is the place to start. Complete description and registration.
Intermediate Photoshop
Intermediate Photoshop: Building upon the skills learned in the Intro to Photoshop class, participants in this one-day class will add to their Photoshop tool-set. This class will utilize the same skills learned in the Intro class but go a step further. Complete description and registration.
Chroma Key
Chroma Key:This course covers best practices, lighting the background and foreground, compositing the keylight and more. Click here for dates and to register. 
Lighting for Video
Lighting for Video: Lighting for video is unlike lighting for photography, film, or theater. This hands-on workshop introduces participants to professional lighting techniques and equipment specific to video. The class will cover amps, attitude, and technique. Learn to reduce lighting set-ups to their fundamentals, revealing the structure upon which style is built. Click here for dates and to register. 
Introduction to After Effects
After Effects Introduction:This class is designed to provide a solid base of knowledge and orient students in working with After Effects to produce animations, effects, and compositing. Students will leave this class with a good understanding of the interface and how to do everything they need to start building work in the program. Click here for dates and to register.
After Effects: Intermediate
 After Effects Intermediate: Moving beyond the foundation of essential techniques provided by After Effects Introduction, this class focuses on building a strong framework for the more advanced techniques in After Effects. Click here for dates and to register.
After Effects: Effects Demystified
 After Effects: Focus on Effects:This is an advanced class that specifically focuses on the use of Effects in After Effects. With well over 200 hundred effects that come bundled with the program we will focus on exploring some of the most dynamic effects in depth and begin to look at how to layer multiple effects to get the desired results. The class will conclude with independent supervised work on a more in-depth project to give students an opportunity to directly apply some of those strategies. Click here for dates and to register. 
After Effects: Compositing
 After Effects Focus on Compositing: This is an advanced class that explores the world of Compositing with After Effects. At it’s most basic compositing consists of combining . Understanding the fundamental principles and techniques of effective and convincing compositing is key to elevating your work to the next level. This class hands on class provides a multitude of practical examples and tips for creating nuanced compositing work. Complete description, dates & registration. 
After Effects: Expressions
 After Effects: Focus on Expressions:This is an advanced After Effects class that takes the plunge into the world of Expressions. Many After Effects editors, even more experienced users, have a fear of beginning to use expressions. Luckily you don’t have to be a professional programmer or math genius to take advantage of the nearly limitless possibilities Expressions offer. This class lays a foundation of understanding to clarify expressions and open up new opportunities for exercising control over your projects. Complete description, dates & registration. 
After Effects: Motion Tracking
  After Effects: Motion Tracking:   This is an advanced After Effects class dedicated to Motion Tracking. Whether it is stabilizing shaky footage, changing a billboard to suit your story, or adding a new element into a handheld shot, an understanding of Motion Tracking in After Effects will add a level of professionalism to many projects. This class addresses tips and techniques of motion tracking for a variety of situations. Complete description, dates & registration. 
Motion Graphic Design: Foundations
AfterEffectsIMotion Graphic Design: Foundations: This is a class focused on acquiring a base of knowledge regarding motion graphics and a conceptual understanding needed to apply those effects. Students will be exposed to a range of historical and contemporary examples of innovative motion graphics pioneers and innovators, to provide a context for their work. They will actively participate in discussion as well as some hands-on class projects to complement the material. We will use After Effects and some other adobe programs but the focus is less on specifics of the program than the fundamental concepts involved. Click here for dates and to register.
Motion Graphic Design: Explorations
After Effects- ExpressionsMotion Graphic Design – Explorations:This is a class that incorporates a variety of exciting techniques to move beyond the conceptual and historic foundation provided in Motion Graphic Design Foundations. We will also tackle some independent supervised work on more in-depth projects to give students an opportunity to directly apply some of those strategies. Click here for dates and to register. 
Web Design Workflow

WorkflowWeb Design Workflow:  Complete description, dates & registration. No Spring/Summer Class.  Check back in Winter 2014

Intro to HTML/CSS
 CSSIntro to HTML/CSS:  Get introduced to HTML and CSS, the must-know language that makes web pages work.  Learn how to hand-code HTML and CSS using nothing but a text editor.  This class is designed to get you started – prior programming experience, while not required, will be helpful.   Complete description, dates & registration.
Intermediate HTML/CSS
 CSSIntermediate HTML/CSS:  Almost every site faces the problem of managing the look/feel of the interface.  Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) solve this problem by allowing site developers to easily manage and update style related elements.   Complete description, dates & registration.