Fresh Takes prides itself on community collaborations and partnerships. Currently we are actively providing programming and pro services to a variety of community business and organizations.

Current Collaborations


Girls to Women

Girls to Women is a non profit organization in East Palo Alto CA dedicated to supporting girls as they design their futures into womanhood.  Fresh Takes teamed up with G2W and applied for a Facebook Community Fund to launch the program we are calling GEM – Girls Engaged in Making Media.  We are excited to announce that the funding came through and Fresh Takes is launching GEM with G2W in the Fall of 2013.  For more information on the program please visit our Youth Programs – After School Web Page.




Caltrain is teaming up with the Fresh Takes Reel Eyes Summer Leadership Crew to raise awareness about the inherent dangers of living near an active railroad and some of the challenges rail systems face as they operate through dense metropolitan areas.  The goal of the program is to develop short public service announcements that highlight these sensitive and challenging issues from a young person’s point of view.  The videos will be used as part of Caltrain’s ongoing rail safety campaign.  The program is scheduled to take place the first full week in August and will culminate in a public screening and celebration during Operation Lifesavers National Safety Awareness Month in September.


SPSSummit Public Schools

For four weeks in both January and May/June students experience Intersession.  Each month-long period is a course, internship or journey like no other.  Students immerse themselves into subjects about which they are passionate, learn from professionals in these fields, and emerge with a new perspective of the world and their future plans.  We at Fresh Takes are proud partners of SPS and offer two full month of Fiction and Non-Fiction Filmmaking.

DigitalMonkeyDigital Monkey

Beginning September 2013 Digital Monkey will offer Intro to Gaming in the Fresh Takes Computer Lab.  We are very excited to bring them to the center and can’t wait to begin our partnership.

Digital Monkey School was founded in April of 2006. Our mission is innovative Art education, promotion of art and independent development of video games and animation.  They teach Digital Art, introducing modern digital Art Creation Tools (like Photoshop, After Effects, 3DStudio Max, Unity, UT3, Game Maker, Maya, Flash and much more) to youngsters and adults. They have different experimental educational programs that are inclusive to a wide range of students of different age groups and skill levels; from young beginners to post graduates and video game professionals.  Visit their website for more information and to sign up.

SMlibrarySan Mateo County – Atherton Library

On August 3rd Fresh Takes will offer a free workshop on Media Literacy.  We are excited to begin collaborating to offer youth empowerment through the media arts opportunities to the greater peninsula.  Follow this link to sign up for the workshop or read the complete description.



Sheriffs Activities League After School Video Programs

Fresh Takes, Inc. in collaboration with SAL offered two after school video production programs during the Fall 2012 & Winter 2013.

  • San Carlos, Media that Matters

Year round on-going, participants dive into learning the 3 stages of video production by creating short Public Service Announcements that address issues and topics of concern they are facing in their schools and communities at large.

  • Half Moon Bay, 2013 Lights, Camera, Action

Through fun and creative hands on activities students learn and explore the movie-making process.

Advocates 4 Athletes

Reel Eyes Productions of Fresh Takes is proud to partner with A4A in the production of all their highlight reels for student athletes.  In addition to editing the highlight reels, our production company also captures game and practice footage when needed.  Advocates 4 Athletes is a effective and successful high school athlete consulting company dedicated to helping the young athlete and their families navigate the difficult journey of college athletics scholarships and recruitment.


Creative Crew Meetup

Fresh Takes is happy to host the monthly meetup group Creative Crew.  Creative Crew is organized by community leader, pastor, actor and teacher, Tony Gaspastione.  This meetup group is all about networking and finding encouragement for your passions! Don’t wait around hoping someone will cast you in a film, or ask you to play your music, or commission your skills, or want to take your picture. You must make something happen and we are happy to support you in your endeavors! You might even find a way to barter/exchange services with a fellow artist or make a connection for a future project!  If you’d like a 15-30 minute block of time to share your art please submit your request to and we will arrange it!